Tuesday, March 5, 2013

....potential reading

Walter Abish - How German Is It?
Jean-Louis Baghio'o - The Blue Flame Tree
Christine Brooke-Rose - Amalgamemnon
Dino Buzzati - Restless Nights
Natalia Ginzburg - Family Sayings
John Gray - Park
HD - Hedylus
Peter Hoyle - The Man in the Iron Mask
R.C Hutchinson - The Quixotes
Wyndham Lewis - Self Condemned
Clarice Lispector - Family Ties
Katherine Mansfield - The Aloe
Harry Mathews - The Oradek Stadium
Christoph Meckel - On the Boundary Line
Czeslaw Milosz - The Issa Valley
Adolf Muschg - The Blue Man and Other Stories
Laura Riding - A Trojan Ending
Laura Riding - Progress of Stories
Marcel Scwob - The King
Leonardo Sciascia - Candido
Leonardo Sciascia - The Day of the Owl & Equal Danger
C. H Sisson - Christopher Homm
Botho Strauss - Tumult
Robert Walser - Selected Stories
Malachi Whitaker - The Crystal Fountain

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