Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"There are seconds when you feel the presence of the eternal harmony perfectly attained. It is something not earthly - I don't mean in the sense that it is heavenly - but in the sense that man can not endure it in his earthly aspect. He must be physically changed or die. This feeling is clear and unmistakable: it is as though you apprehend all nature and suddenly say "Yes. It's right: it's good." It ... is not being deeply moved, but simply joy. You don't forgive anything, because there is no more need of forgiveness. It is not that you love - oh! there is something higher in it than love: what is most awful is that it is terribly clear and such joy. In those few seconds I live through a lifetime and I'd give my whole life for them because they are worth it."


forward quote from Gilbert Cannan's The Release of the Soul

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